Luxembourg Garden, the Medici Fountain

Jardin de Luxembourg – why Parisians love it?

Jardin de Luxembourg is a perfect place for resting during your sightseeing tour around the city. Closeness to Notre Dame and district Saint Michel, Pantheon together with the University of Sorbonne just behind it, makes it an ideal location in the middle of crowded Paris. But don’t expect that this place will be empty – it is one of the most popular green areas among les parisiens as well as among tourists.

Jardin du Luxembourg
Jardin du Luxembourg

 “Inspired by the Boboli Gardens in Florence, was created upon the initiative of Queen Marie de Medici in 1612. The garden, which covers 25 hectares of land, is split into French gardens and English gardens.”

Luxembourg Garden, view from the Senate
Luxembourg Garden, view from the Senate
Why is it called a garden, not a park?

It was originally made as a garden of the Luxembourg Palace. It means that it was dedicated to growing flowers and trees and to provide ample space for people to spend free time around lush greenery. Most of the construction elements, soil and plants were not there before and were all brought from outside the area. Park is more natural or semi-natural area with less human impact than a garden.

Luxembourg Garden, oasis of peace
Luxembourg Garden, an oasis of peace
Who owns the Jardin de Luxembourg?

Who owns the Luxembourg Palace, owns the garden. Today it is the home of the Senate, but the garden is open to the public.   (I managed to visit the building of the Senate, you can read about it here)

Luxembourg Garden, oasis of peace
Luxembourg Garden, green area in the center of Paris
How to visit the garden?

The best is to enter from the main entrance, next to Rer B exit, right in front of the Pantheon. I advise you to go straight – on the left side you will have many flower beds of tulips and in the end of the road – a huge area showing the beauty of the garden. However, before going down by the stairs, the best is to go right, pass by the restaurant and reach The Medici Fountain and take a picture with Pantheon in the background. Later you should come back a bit to the place you came from and go right till Fontaine de l’Observatoire or straight to see one of 106 statues in the garden.

Luxembourg Garden, the Medici Fountain
Luxembourg Garden, the Medici Fountain
Why do the Parisians love Luxembourg Garden?
  1. Who doesn’t love beautiful places?! Parisians are very picky about spots they choose to spend their leisure time, they live in a big city and they have a variety of choice. The charm of Jardin de Luxembourg is very attractive and adorable and even the inhabitants of the capital of France can’t resist it.
  2. Central location with good public transport communication. The garden has a great location to come from any district of Paris. It is also close to the University of Sorbonne, so many students rest there during their breaks. This makes Jardin de Luxembourg a meeting spot for Parisians.
  3. The range of activities you can do in the garden. Starting from having a meal or coffee in an outdoor restaurant or making a picnic with your own wine and baguette by playing chess, renting a sailing toy boat to riding a pony or playing tennis. The choice is huge!
  4. Incredible view into  Pantheon, Eiffel Tower, and Montparnasse. You can’t beat it!
  5. Visit Luxembourg Museum, located in part of the Luxembourg Palace. You can find there a temporary exhibition. You may want to check the current exhibition theme before you pay 10€ for the entrance.
  6. You can go there any time of the year and still appreciate it! Every season the garden looks differently and can surprise you.
  7. You can’t get bored in with place. Even going alone is fun. Take a book, get a chair and enjoy the weather! Or have a tour around and discover one of 106 statues spread around.
Luxembourg Garden, view with Pantheon in the backgound
Luxembourg Garden, view with Pantheon in the background
Why should tourists visit the Luxembourg Garden?

For all the reasons mentioned above! Probably it’s on your way (or almost) from the area around Notre Dame or cruise in la Seine, just 15 min walking.  You can come by to have an ice cream and rest before deciding on another visit.

Tulips in Luxembourg Garden
Tulips in Luxembourg Garden

Prices: entrance is free of charge

Opening hours: every day 7.30 am – 7/9 pm (depending on season)

How to get there:

  • by feet – 15 min walking from Cathedral Notre Dame
  • by metro line 4 station – Odeon
  • by Rer B station – Luxembourg


Rue de Médicis – Rue de Vaugirard
75006 Paris

Check out the official website.

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