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3 days in Alicante

Alicante, with 244 kilometres of coastline and 300 sunny days, offers so much more than long beaches and good tapas. It is very crowded city during summer but visiting it in off-season period can be a good idea. The hotels are cheaper, the weather is perfect both for swimming as well as for sightseeing and you can rest on almost empty restaurants and seaside.

Alicante port
3 days in Alicante: Marina in Alicante

How to get from the airport to Alicante?

After reaching the international Alicante airport El Altet, you just need to take bus C6 to go to any place in the city. The bus stop is in front of the exit of arrivals. Getting out in Plaza Puerta del Mar 2 can be a good idea if you still have some time before checking- in at the hotel. It leads along with the coast of Playa del Postiguet. 

3 days in Alicante
3 days in Alicante: Playa del Postiguet in Alicante

Playa del Postiguet

Parallel to this beach you can walk along in Explanada de España, a long promenade with restaurants on the sides and local seller of handmade pictures, jewellery and things with inspiring mottos. I couldn’t resist not to buy something! I chose a small piece of wood to be hanged saying: “Plan para hoy: SER FELIZ“.

souvenir from Spain
Handmade piece of wood from Alicante

When I visit new cities I always like to explore the local places, culture and food. However I am not type of person who gets up early in the morning to go sightseeing. Actually, it is quite opposite. After all, it’s my holidays! And what are holidays for if not for resting, getting rid of stress and enjoying our time. If you get up at 7am, the only local things you see so early in the morning is people going to work or school, of course this is their daily life but it is a part of life we all have. I prefer to focus on particular habits people expose during their free time. That’s why walking on the beach all afternoon and looking for a great place for tapas is what I love the most. Of course I always visit the tourist attractions but the objective is not to get stressed that I must see them. If I miss one or two museums, it means I was chilling longer than I expected drinking another local beer or walking around in a district I didn’t plan to be. For me the amazing part of being in new country is discovering less popular places by myself.

Explanada de España Alicante
Explanada de España, Alicante

Let’s be honest – two days trip is not enough to get rest. It is not enough to see everything I would want in new place neither. However, 3-4 days is sufficient time to explore the city like Alicante, to spend nice moments on the beach and enjoy evenings in local restaurants.

3 days in Alicante
3 days in Alicante

It’s obvious that right after arrival I am tired a bit after a flight, even if it’s short distance, I still needed to be 2 hours before on the airport and get up much earlier. The first day  of my trip I normally spend exploring the surroundings of the hotel and taking long walks without particular destination. It actually happens often that I come back some other day into a place I found the first day of the arrival.

Escalera de la Reina, Coffee time in the late afternoon
Escalera de la Reina, Coffee time in Soho Mar

Spain has a very big place in my heart. I spent one year as an exchange student from Erasmus programme in this iberian country. I always enjoy going back to speak spanish, eat tasty tapas and drink sangria. Nevertheless, I have never visited Alicante before and the trip I made in January this year was my first.

where to take photos in Alicante
View from “Panoramic place” in Alicante

The second day of my stay in the second biggest city in Valencian community I started from trying to get on the top of Santa Barbara Castle on which I thought I had view from my window. I said “trying” and “thought” because my assumptions were incorrect. First of all, I did not manage to reach the castle from the side I started my walk. I reached a top of mountain following the indication “panoramic view”.  I had an amazing view from my room into this place so that’s why I decided to check it out but I thought right behind there is a road to the castle.

Alicante panoramic view
“Panoramic view” indications lead me to this top of the mountain in Alicante

After taking few pictures and enjoying the view, I decided to have a walk near the beach instead of continuing till the castle. The first day when I got out of bus in Plaza Puerta del Mar 2 I saw the elevator to the castle just in front of the bus station but the plan was to go up by feet. Well, plans can change 🙂

Walk in Paseo Volado with splendid view into the beach
Walk in Paseo Volado with splendid view into the beach

I had a long walk on the El Postiguet Beach till I reached Paseo Volado, a seaside passage. As I turned out, it was built in 2008 when Alicante hosted Volvo Ocean Race. “It stands out for being a walk in height, 500 meters long, which runs almost five meters above sea level.”

I was suprised how empty this place was and I imagined how crowded it must be during summer. I just met some couple eating sadwiches on one of the benches in the passage and that’s it! It was around 20 degrees so not a time for swimming but definately for enjoying the sun and the city.

From the Paseo Volado I saw a Volvo Ocean Race Musuem which I went to visit. The crew in there was very nice and the entrance was free!

“Using cutting edge technology, visitors can engage with the Volvo Ocean Race through 3D simulators and interactive touch screen panels that explore the history of the race, life on board, marine ecosystems and telecommunications among many other themes. The Museo also plays host to a changing programme of exhibitions that are sure to keep everyone interested.”

Volvo Ocean Race Museum in Alicante
Volvo Ocean Race Museum in Alicante

Right after the visit in the museum I went to a bar next to it – Brandon’s & Rose Cerveceria Restaurante. The place was also calm and had amazing view into other part of the marina. I thought it will be expensive in such a fancy restaurant so I ordered only coffee for which I paid 1,2€! Comparing to Paris where finding cafe with hot drinks under 3€ is impossible, it made me very happy.

Brandon's & Rose Cerveceria Restaurante in Alicante
Brandon’s & Rose Cerveceria Restaurante in Alicante

The camarera recommended me a place for the best paella in town where of course I went. The restaurant is called La Taberna del Gourmet and it has really delicious paella. I was lucky to get a table because the place was full. Well, after all it was one of the best Spanish restaurant in town! Obviously the prices were a bit more expensive than where I ate before but it was totally worth it. I paid 12€ for paella and 3€ for a glass of wine.

I decided to spend the afternoon on shopping. It was january so the sales were still on and Spain has attractive prices for clothes. I went near to a shopping center Plaza Mar 2, near my hotel. I bought green jeans, black blouse with pink flowers and small, stripped bag, all in Zara. I spent 43€ for all this so it was quite good deal.

Paseo Volado panoramic view
Paseo Volado panoramic view

All evening I was walking around in the city, trying different tapas and I found the perfect place where I came back the night after. It was called “D´Tablas“. The small caña was 0,6€ and one tapas 1€, everything brought to the table. Every few minutes there was a waiter making a tour with different kind of tapas, most of them including seafood. I could come back to Alicante just to go to this place again!

The next day I managed to go up to the Santa Barbara Castle by lift and I paid 3 € for both ways. From the top there a view on all Alicante.

3 days in Alicante
3 days in Alicante

What I did the rest of the stay? Well, I enjoyed walking around, trying more tapas and local beers. This is my way of resting and getting rid of stress. I totally recommend to try it!

If you have any questions about places I visited, let me know 🙂

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