me in front of Louis Vuitton Foundation

Fondation Louis Vuitton – museum in shape of sail

Modern art always arouses many emotions and different opinions – there are as many lovers as haters. I believe the same situation applies to the Fondation Louis Vuitton – the modern art museum opened in 2014 year in Paris.

Louis Vuitton Foundation


The building of the museum is in the middle of the Bois de Boulogne (the Woods of Boulogne), a huge parc with a big lake and other gardens inside (like Jardin d’Acclimatation). For me, the location is just perfect for this architectural pearl – inside the green area, you can find an amazing grey building with glass panels and water stairs.

The sails of the museum are made of 3,584 laminated glass panels, each unique and specifically curved to fit the shapes drawn by the architect.

The idea of the place was born in 2001 when Bernard Arnault, a CEO of LVMH (a grand enterprise which is in charge of the luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Dior or Bulgari), visited Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and could not leave it without meeting the architect of the building. As it turned out, the museum was designed by a great American architect – Frank Gehry. After those two met, there was no other option than to launch together a project of creating a similar place in Paris.

me in front of Louis Vuitton Foundation

I started my tour by a walk around a building to see it from every angle. Especially that I was surprised by the appearance of the building – previously, when I saw it in 2016, the sails were colorful! Apparently, they have removed those panels and left everything in transparent mode. I think the current look is fitting more the area of the park.

“In May 2017, Marianne, a French news magazine, revealed the final cost of the building: €780 million.”

I reached there on Saturday afternoon. When I bought a ticket, I saw that the price includes also the entrance to the Jardin d’Acclimatation, a garden just next to it. Unfortunately, it was too late to go to both places, especially that the garden closes it at 6 pm. Remember to go earlier and enjoy both places for one price 🙂

The entrance to the museum is very stylish and modern. White walls and transparent panels are showing how small we are comparing to the building.

Foundation Louis Vuitton entrance

Ever since the first exhibition of emblematic works from its collection, during the 2014 inauguration of the building designed by Frank Gehry, Fondation Louis Vuitton has regularly exhibited different selections of works following the Collection’s four distinct predetermined categories: Contemplative, Expressionist, Pop, Music & Sound (2014/2016), or groups of works from specific events dedicated to China (2016) and Africa (2017).

Inside the museum, there are 11 galleries of different sizes on two floors, in total 41,441 square feet, an auditorium on the lower-ground floor and multi-level roof terraces for events and art installations.

The inside contains modern art exhibition, so much different from the palette of colors of the building.

On the level -1, where you find a big auditorium with the amazing view into an external area, you can see square pictures, each in different unique color and a rainbow wall.

Rainbow wall in Fondation Louis Vuitton

Moving forward the fountain, looking like a water stairs, will charm you and makes you stop there for a while.

water stairs in Foundation Louis Vuitton

Along with the water, there is also an alley of deep yellow panels and many small mirrors where you can take great pictures.

Yellow wall Fondation Louis Vuitton

Yellow wall Fondation Louis Vuitton















On the remaining floors, there are both permanent and contemporary expositions. I was mostly interested of a recently opened exhibition “AU DIAPASON DU MONDE” ( In Tune with the World) of Japanese artist Takashi Murakam.

Through the multiplicity of forms and materials represented in this exhibition (such as paintings, sculpture and videos), the prolific work of Takashi Murakami gives free rein to an unbridled imagination, saturated with colours and populated by fantastic creatures, half-human-half-animal, mixing popular and scholarly cultures, Buddhist iconography and manga, tradition and modernity, West and East, ancestral techniques and advanced technology.

I found many interesting paintings and sculptures in the museum but I liked the most the “Flower Room”, a place with walls of flowers where you cannot be sad! This spot can add many colors to your life.

Flower room Fondation Louis Vuitton

Also the roof has few floors and an amazing view into La Defense, a business district in Paris area.

View from Fondation Louis Vuitton

Fondation Louis Vuitton reflects a modern art museum- big space with few artistic forms. However, this place is very special – created by the world-famous fashion industry and designed by a great architect. Do not hesitate to go over and check it out!

Tickets prices:

  • normal ticket 14€
  • student ticket 10€ (between 18- 26 years)
  • half-price ticket 5€ (below 18 years)
  • free access for disabled people


  • 8 Avenue du Mahatma Gandhi, 75116 Paris

How to get there – Fondation Luis Vuitton is between two stations:

  • metro line 1 Les Sablons
  • metro line 1 Pont de Neuilly

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