Eiffel Tower in Paris amazing view from Trocadero

Moving to Paris – make a dream come true!

First time I have come to Paris in 2015 for 3 days trip and I immediately fell in love in the city! Visiting the capital of France was like a dream came true. When I was a teenager, it was a big deal to go to Paris, to take a picture in front of Eiffel Tower, to visit Louvre, to see Picasso pictures live, to have fun in Disneyland.

Polish girl in Sacre Coeur

That time I was not even dreaming about it! I come from small town in Poland and with our salaries and a weak currency, going to France was an expensive cost. Luckily, with time, the situation in my country has changed and even though we are still much behind many European countries and we do not earn in € currency, we afford to travel abroad and to visit even not cheap cities like Paris. However, even when I came here in September 2015, I did not imagine I would be living in this amazing place just 1,5 year later!

I have moved to Paris area on 1st January 2017 for the most romantic reason – I found the love of my life here. After one year of visiting each other, we decided it was a time to move in together, to Poland or to Paris. The choice was quite obvious – there are more career and entertainment opportunities in France. However, I overestimated my chances to get a job here without speaking French – even knowing English, Polish and Spanish were not good enough. French people do not like to speak other languages than their own and often they can not. Usually, I hear them saying “Nous sommes nul en anglais” (We are zero in English) and sadly this is the truth. I had no other choice than to quickly learn  French to become independent and to be able to fix any administrative, professional or daily tasks. Believe me, there is a lot of bureaucracy in France so if you want to stay here, you need to register yourself and to do that you are obligated to speak French.



view on Paris and Eiffel Tower from Baloon
The view on Paris from Baloon

Eiffel Tower in Paris amazing view from TrocaderoTo settle in new place and start a new life is never an easy decision, even if you have many reasons to move. Changing life totally, leaving everything familiar behind – the job, friends, family and start all these from the very beginning, it’s a challenge not everyone is willing to take. It was not easy for me neither. Of course, I had my boyfriend to support me but he was working and I felt lonely most of the time. Secondly, it is much more expensive to live in Paris and to pay extremely high rent for a tiny apartment. For the price of a studio in Paris, we have 4 pieces apartment in the calm area, quite close to the metro with the view into Eiffel Tower! La Tour is a bit far but clearly visible I am always happy to see it when I look through the window, especially when it’s shining! We are living in Paris area, 20 minutes by metro from the center. Yes, I do not live in the city but believe me, I could not. First of all, the capital of France is a very touristic place, always crowded and full of lost visitors from all around the world.

I love going to the city which I do basically every day but I prefer to live outside and have easy access to go there whenever I want. However, in the beginning, I was a bit scared to go alone to Paris – not to get lost in many metro lines or in small streets.  As soon as I got the courage to go out alone to Paris and explore the city, I filled my days with visitors in museums, walks in parks and food in restaurants.

Arch the Triomphe colorful view


During one year I spent here, I have visited most of the museums and parks which I call a big success. I met many people in my French courses who have never even gone to Notre Dame, not mentioning any museums. One of my friend, who lived here for 8 years and who is moving out now, just went to Louvre for the first time and he is visiting all attractions of the city before he leaves. Of course when we live somewhere, normally we do not act like a tourist and go for big sightseeing but I was totally doing that all last year!

That’s why I can say that I know Paris quite well and I wanted to share all my knowledge with others 🙂

I would like to invite you for my tour around the City of Love, you will not regret it!




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