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Jardin Majorelle – the most visited place in Morocco

To be in Marrakech without visiting Majorelle Garden is like to be in Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower!

Jardin Majorelle
Jardin Majorelle – the most visited place in Morocco

The Majorelle Garden is very close to the modern district of Marrakech – Gueliz where you find most of the international hotels. However, it was not easy to get there. Walking through the crowded city, you need to take small, at first looking calm, street. Luckily, the name of the street is easy to remember – Rue Yves St Laurent. First time I went to visit le Jardin I got cold feet after I have seen a very long queue of people waiting to buy their tickets. I certainly didn’t expect to be waiting to enter a garden in Morocco – this is more Parisian kind of thing. I decided to come back the next day in the morning, hoping that there will be fewer people. How wrong was I! The next day, right after opening the gardens, I had to wait around 45 min to enter but with every minute the queue was longer and longer so people behind me waited around 1 hour. Finally, I managed to enter and I got surprised with the transition of the environment – it was so green and few degrees less than on the street outside.  

In the middle of hot, crowded city you can find an amazing Botanique garden full of plants from all around the world.

The garden was made by Jacques Majorelle, a French painter who settled in Morocco at the beginning of XX century. He built a house and surrounded it with plants and flowers brought from 5 continents.

Jardin Majorelle
Jardin Majorelle – the most visited place in Morocco

In the middle of this “jungle”, he made a place to design his paintings and colored it in specific “bleu Majorelle”, created by him.

You get amazed by the deepness of the blue color which gives an impression to be even more intense with the contrast of yellow parts which you find around.

After the death of Majorelle in 1962, the garden stayed neglected and forgotten. Till 1980 when the famous French designer Yves Saint Laurent bought the Jardin Majorelle with his partner and gave it the second life. He was in love with Marrakech and bought there a house in 1966. His ashes have been spread in the rosarium of the garden where his memorial has been made.

The Majorelle Gardens are the oasis of bracing air, green plants, and yellow-blue buildings.

The garden is not very big but full of amazing plants and colorful facilities. After taking a tour around, you can rest and have a fresh juice in a cute coffee shop inside le Jardin.   You can also visit a museum of Barbers ( indigenous people of northern Africa) inside the garden. The museum has been made by Yves Saint Laurent who collected the exhibits of the Barbers during his whole life. If you are interested to see the museum, do not forget to buy a ticket including the entrance.  

The ticket to Jardin Majorelle can also include (depending on which option you choose) a visit in museum Yves Saint Laurent which you find outside the garden but on the same street. Unfortunately, I was there on Tuesday and the museum was closed. So if you want to take a full ticket to see those three places at once, do not go on Tuesdays.      After having a coffee in a beautiful yard under palms, you can have a nice photo session inside the garden. There are many exotic places which are just waiting for you to take out your camera!

Take a photo between palms!

“bleu Majorelle” in Marrakech

Despite waiting in a long queue to enter The Majorelle Garden, you will not regret to visit and to explore the green oasis of Marrakech.

Prices for adults:

  • Jardin : 70 Dhs ( around  7€ )
  • Berber Museum : 30 Dhs ( around  3€ )
  • Yves Saint Laurent Museum: 100 Dhs ( around  10€ )
  • One ticket to three places: 180 Dhs ( around  18€ )

Visit their website for more info.   The garden is on Yves Saint Lorent street.

How to get there:

  • By feet – it’a 20 min walk from district Gueliz
  • Taxi – Taxis are very cheap in Morocco

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