Legzira beach in Morocco
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Legzira Beach – wild place in Atlantic coast

Do you want to rest from crowded places? You need to make an important decision but you want to think it through first? Do you love natural beaches and wild places? Legzira Beach is definitely a spot for you!

Legzira beach in Morocco

Morocco is an amazing place where you can see the clash of different cultures, social classes as well as a mix of tradition and modernity. I have visited this northern African country several times but I have only been in big cities, full of people and traffic. I think that’s why I was so amazed by the wild beaches I saw just 160 km from one of the most popular tourist places – Agadir city.


Legzira beach in Morocco

Already the road from Agadir surprises you with green landscapes, despite you are moving into the south of the country towards Sahara dessert. Farther, you can admire a stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean seen right from the car.

Once you reach on the Legzira beach you would feel peaceful, calm and like in the totally different world.

Legzira beach

The rocks around as well as few buildings you can find there are red like we usually imagine in other planets.

rocks in Legzira beach Maroc

Near the parking, in the small buildings, you can see on the picture above below, you can have lunch, fresh orange juice in a restaurant or spend a night in a hostel right on the beach.

colorful buildings in Legzira beach Morocco

colorful buildings in Legzira beach Morocco

On the other side of the beach already from far, you can see an arch naturally grooved in the rocks that have been formed over thousands of years by erosion. Actually, till 2016 there were two rock archways but sadly one collapsed probably because of the movements of the sea.

two people walking in Legzira Beach
The Arch seen from far
polish girl in front of Legzira Arch
Before reaching the arch


The arch in Legzira beach Morocco
The other side of the arch

Being on Legzira beach made me feel like being in a computer pictures’ landscape – it’s like making a dream come true.

Legzira beach amazing view Morocco polish girl

How to get there:
Legzira beach is around 160 km from Agadir. The best way to get there is to rent a car but of course, not everyone is so courageous (driving in Morocco is a bit dangerous). You should take the road into the closest town Sidi Ifni but I visited Mirleft, a village just before the Legzira beach.
Many travel agencies organize trips to this beach but if you are in a group it can be the same price to take a big taxi. You can as well take a bus from Agadir and spend a night near the beach.


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